Great place with excellent service

Paola V.

Dr Lorenil is amazing! I've had 20 years experience going to a chiropractor in 5 different cities, and she is the absolute best. You have nothing to lose but the pain you've been having. She's got your back!


Dr. Lorenil is the best chiropractor ever! She is compassionate and will take time to figure out the best way to help you.

Bethany K.

Great experience! Dr Lorenil has made a significant improvement in my pain and mobility! Priceless.

Occ Doctor Tr

Amazing doctor!

Mohzen K.

Dr. Hencock is simply the best! So positive and knowledgeable! She is very detailed in her work! She cares and provides real help to her patients! This is the place for YOU!

Jacob G.

I like this treatment , It is really helpful for body , back pain knees pain shoulder pain , it’s great . Thanks.

Tazuddin K.

Dr Lorenil is an outstanding practitioner! She listens and gets results!


Excellent techniques and professionalism. She's got my back!