Dr. Hancock is AMAZING at what she does. I’ve been coming to her for over 3 months and will not be stopping anytime soon. She provided patient-focused services meaning she caters to YOUR needs and will do whatever she has to to get you back to your 100% normal self. I’ve gained so much relief and am practicing preventative care thanks to her!
10/10 won’t disappoint!

Salome Beyene

I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Hencock for years, even before she opened this office. What I can tell you is that you should RUN not walk to get your next appointment scheduled with her. She listens to your every need, and she truly cares about her patients.

William Hatten

Dr Lorenil is perfect. Her care is thorough, competent, gentle, and effective. Chiropractic care in her facility is exactly what I required and I support her recommendation for others.

Coach TLC

They do an amazing job of listening to their patients and really focus treatment plans to solve your complaints.

2 Curlie Souls

Amazing work!!! I feel back to my normal self. Thanks!


Togthjargal Naidansuren